The Bill Manson Championship Cup

(Awarded to the best performing team of all the leagues)


The cup was introduced by Bill Manson, Honorary Secretary of the club, (2004-2018),

with the inauguration of the competititon in 2008.

The Willie Roy Salver

(Awarded to the winning team in the Monday league)

Willie Roy MBE was a leading light in the Watsonian and Corstorphine Curling Clubs for a very long time and was Chairman of the Edinburgh Ice Rink, (i.e Haymarket), for some time. He was the Chairman and Managing Director of Millars Confectionary, (famous for pan drops - ‘Millers Perfect Peppermints‘), situated in Ratcliffe Terrace, Edinburgh, then relocated to West Lothian.

He was a keen, and very good, curler and a member of many clubs including Holyrood and Edinburgh Rotary as well as Watsonians, Corstorphine and the Vets. If you phoned him at the works, the telephone operator would ask if you wanted 'Mr Roy’s Secretary or his curling Secretary‘. He donated several trophies, including the Midlothian Province salver, one for a young Gogar Curlers competition and the one for which Watsonians play a knock out competition.

The MBE was for services to the Confectionary Industry.

    The Forbes Grant Salver

    (Awarded to the winning team in the Tuesday League)

    Forbes Grant was a skip in the 1980s and a trophy winner in 1991 and 1993. An agricultural expert, he was head of farming business in the Bank of Scotland. He returned to live in Forres.

    The Murray McGregor Quaich

    (Awarded to the winning team in the Thursday league)

    The Murray Macgregor Quaich was competed for many years ago, but was in a cupboard at Murrayfield Ice Rink for a long time. Iain Baxter, the manager of the ice rink, contacted Murray, who was living in Canada, and he was happy that the Quaich be given to the Vets.

    The Frank Black Trophy

    (Awarded to the winning team in the Friday league)

    Frank Black was a Banker in Hong Kong before retiring to Edinburgh. He was a small man hence his nickname in Hong Kong of ‘Tich’. He was a founder member of the Fanlingerers, a Club based in Edinburgh open to anyone who had lived, worked or even visited Hong Kong. Its primary purpose was to raise money for the War Blinded at Linburn in West Lothian. This was done mainly through golf competitions among the members. On his 72nd birthday, Frank played 72 holes (4 rounds) at Luffness and raised a considerable sum for Linburn through sponsorship. Sadly the Fanlingerers were wound up a few years ago but a contingent of ex Hong Kong residents, in and around Edinburgh, still have golf outings from time to time. 

    The Jack Scroggie Salver

    (Awarded to the second-placed team in the Monday league)

    The Banks Brothers Quaich

    (Awarded to the second-placed team in the Tuesday league)

    Norman and Stanley were active members of the Vets. As the Tuesday League was short of trophies, they decided, in 2008, to present the Quaich to the team which finished second in the Tuesday league.

    The Ivan Robson Trophy

    (Awarded to the second-placed team in the Thursday league)

    Ivan Robson joined the Veterans Curling Club in the early 1980s, having already been a member of the Bank Of Scotland Curling Club for many years.

    He played in the Monday league and his career with the 'Vets' lasted for 34 years during which time his team won the league seven times, and finished in second place six times.

    He became Honorary President of the club in 2017, and retired from curling soon afterwards.

    The Buster Wallace Trophy

    (Awarded to the second-placed team in the Friday league)

    Charles Gordon (Buster) Wallace was a very successful Honorary Secretary/Treasurer of the Vets, from 1982 to 1992, preceding Donald Forbes. He won the Willie Roy trophy in 1988. He grew up in Auchendinny, Midlothian. He wanted to become a doctor but his father would not allow him to go to university and he attended the ‘University of Life’ at Carrongrove Paper Mill, Denny. He served in the RA during the Second World War and thereafter in the TA. Postwar, he returned to Dalmore Paper Mill, Auchendinny, succeeding his father as Managing Director, in 1959. He served on many papermaking committees as member and office bearer and as a director of other paper mills and of his old School, the Edinburgh Academy. He moved to Longniddry in 1976, retired as MD of William Somerville & Sons in 1980, but continued as Chairman until 1985.

    He was a keen golfer, a member at Luffness and a keen curler with Aberlady, Edinburgh Academicals and the Vets. He was an early personal computer fan.

    The Donald Forbes Quaich

    (Awarded to the third-placed team in the Monday League)

    Honorary Secretary/Treasurer before Bill Manson, Donald Forbes was an ex-College teacher and linguist, Scots Guards officer and former Headmaster of Merchiston Castle School. A dedicated curler, he was in the habit of competing in Switzerland every year. His attire of choice for curling invariably featured plus-fours and a tam-o'-shanter. The quaich was presented by him to the Club in his last year as Secretary.

    The Bussy Nimmo Salver

    (Awarded to the winner of the Friday league Thirds competition - no longer played)

    Bussy Nimmo was a trophy winner in 1977. By the end of his playing days his eyesight had deteriorated to such an extent that his skip had to put a white handkerchief over the broom. He could only draw. His name also appears, (as a memorial), on the donor list for the Playfair extension at the National Galleries.