Veterans Curling Club


Club News


New Members

Colin Appleby, Arthur Allison, John Cairns, Jimmy Gibson, Dave Archibald, Ron McKune

Monday League

Derek McGillivray has joined Calder Benzies's team

Sandy Muir has withdrawn from the Monday league

Colin Appleby has joined George Edington's team

Jimmy Gibson has joined Alistair Beattie's team


Tuesday League

Thursday League

Ted Dzierzek has withdrawn from the Thursday league

Arthur Allison has joined Ken Watson's team


Friday League


John Cairns, Dave Archibald, Ron McKune 

Non-playing Members

David Duff, David Edwards, Alastair Ormiston, James Young

Members Not In Mailing List

Non-playing members + Archie Hunter, Bob Thomson, Peter Lothian, Sandy Macgregor, Jimmy Gibson


Angus Winton, Jim Drysdale



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