Club Secretary

The club requires a new secretary.

Members should contact a member of the committee for information. 


Gordon Moodie's telephone number has changed

John & Margaret Harcourt's email address has changed

Les Dalgleish has joined the club

Club Rules

Due to a shortage of players, the Three Curlers rule has been suspended for the 2021-22 season and a temporary rule put in place to manage teams with less than a full compliment of members

Monday League

John Hogarth has joined David Blackstock's team for the first half of the season

Alex Wilkie has withdrawn from Calder Benzies team

Jack Aitken has withdrawn from Arthur Barlow's team

Friday League

Games scheduled for Friday the 12th of November will now be played at 10am on Wednesday the 8th of December

Les Dalgleish has joined Jim Preacher's team


Dave Archibald has resigned from the club

Jack Aitken has joined the reserves